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Candy Leonard traces the emotions of Beatlemania to a culture of Beatleness fifty years later
With a brief introduction, first-generation Beatles fan and sociologist Candy Leonard took the microphone at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and explained her motivation to write Beatleness (Arcade Publishing; August, 2014), adding one more title to the thousands that have already been written about John, Paul, George, and Ringo, pointing out the scarcity of sociological studies of the Beatles phenomenon, especially from the female fan's perspective. Reading from her book, Leonard then detailed the worldwide phenomenon known as Beatlemania, marked by the Beatles' historic appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show two months after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and how it affected children and parents alike around the world. Next, reading from a chapter titled No Girls Allowed, Leonard examined the gender norms of the day, in which there were no girl bands and very little known about the women who played in male-dominated bands before reading a chapter called 'A Fan Ritual,' offering perspective on female fans screaming at Beatles concerts. Leonard wrapped her appearance with a reading from Beatleness of a chapter called 'Say the Word and Be Like Me,' recalling how the Beatles' invasion of America ushered in a swift change in cultural authority, inspiring protest songs like 'Eve of Destruction' sung by Barry McGuire, for instance, which came out about two months before the Beatles' groundbreaking Rubber Soul album, one of the five greatest albums of all time, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

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Brad Meltzer and Sandra Brown headline panel of mystery writers revealing secrets of the craft: Brad Meltzer, Sandra Brown, Michael Koryta, and Sara Blaedel join Megan Abbott in a tell-all about career high points and low points, writing superstitions and rituals, inspirations, and the finer points of mystery writing.

Scott Anderson and Ari Shavit compare the hundred year old vision and current reality of the Mideast: American novelist, journalist, and a veteran war correspondent, Scott Anderson,and Israeli reporter and columnist for Haaretz, Ari Shavit take a look at the modern Mideast through a historic lense, from on the early visionaries (1897-1917) to the current struggles.

Amy Bloom, Susan Gilman, Lian Moriarty, and Randy Meyers tackle ups and downs of women's fiction: Five bestselling authors discuss the ups and downs, ins and outs of women's contemporary fiction.

Marlene Streeruwitz juxtaposes language and torture to reveal feminist truths: Writer, director, and one of Europe's leading feminist activists, Marlene Streeruwitz makes her case for a 'female language' and reviews her writing career, including her new novel, Die Schmerzmecherin (The Hurtress), with Sweden's Yvonne Ihmels, founder of the culture magazine, Cora, at the 2013 Goteborg Book Fair.

Diana Gabaldon weaves time traveling, romance, history and science into hit Outlander series: Science whiz and bestselling author of the long-running historical, sci-fi adventure-romance Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon makes a rare appearance at BEA 2013 to introduce her new Outlander novel, Written in My Own Heart's Blood.

Jonathan Lethem harvests fresh insights from Dissident Gardens: Award-winning, widely acclaimed, bestselling novelist Jonathan Lethem takes stock of his prolific career, his methods, and emotional preparedness in an interview with author, journalist Chuck Klosterman at the 2013 BookExpo America convention for book publishing and book selling professionals.

Helen Fielding visits Bridget Jones fourteen years later and finds her Mad About The Boy: Bestselling author and screenwriter Helen Fielding brings Bridget Jones back for another entertaining summer at the beach, facing the insecurities of online dating, single parenting, and the expectations of 752 Twitter followers.

Paul Auster offers reports from the interior of America, the cosmos, and a boy's hopes and fears: Award-winning novelist, screenwriter and film director Paul Auster reads from his out-of-body memoir, 'Reports from the Interior,' at the 2013 Miami Book Fair International.

Nathaniel Philbrick and Brenda Wineapple survey the revolutionary American landscape, 1775-1877: Pulitzer Prize winning, critically acclaimed historian Nathaniel Philbrick and multiple award-winning, New York Times bestselling author, literary critic, and essayist Brenda Wineapple bring the first hundred years of American revolution, civil war, slavery, and assassination to life at the 2013 Miami Book Fair International.

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