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Mark Halperin and John Heilemann double down on game change, with all due respect
Opening the final day's events of the week-long last year's Miami Book Fair International, Miami physician Dr. J.P. Austin introduced the bestselling Game Change author tandem, political junkies and journalists, writing from the right, Mark Halperin, and, writing from the left, John Heilemann. Former magazine journalists/editors and MSNBC cable TV political reporters, who, in the wake of their massive book successes, are now managing editors of Bloomberg Politics, and co-hosts of their own Bloomberg News cable TV program, With All Due Respect, Halperin and Heilemann took the stage to talk about their latest blockbuster, Double Down: Game Change 2012, just released in trade paperback (Penguin Books; October, 2014). Characterizing the difference between the elections of 2008 and 2012 as 'dream vs. track record' elections, Heilemann offered snapshots of the drama, comedy, consequences, and profanity of U.S. electioneering, including details of Barack Obama's unexpected courtship of Bill Clinton as a surrogate campaigner and speaker at the 2012 Democratic Party's National Convention. Halperin then took the podium to offer insight into the team writing process of Game Change and Double Down, and why they focused more on the 'feel' of history and relationships than the tactics and strategies, including Mitt Romney's nomination quest and the impact of Donald Trump's endorsement. Halperin wrapped his presentation with comments on the challenges of casting the parts for the HBO Double Down movie before Dr. Austin opened the microphone for audience questions on the political strengths and weaknesses of Hillary Clinton; the impact on U.S. elections of the rapidly rising Latino vote ; the political future of Sarah Palin; President Obama's immigration reform tactics and strategies scorecard; the collaborative process of co-authoring books; the prospects for fixing a broken government gridlocked by partisanship; and Mitt Romney's 'surprise' defeat in 2012.

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Lena Dunham is not that kind of girl--she's a new kind of woman: Indie film writer/director, creator, writer, and 28-year old star of the Emmy-nominated, Golden Globe Award-winning, HBO series Girls, Lena Dunham tells her story at BEA 2014.

Caitlin Moran reveals she was home-schooled by a TV set and flashes her 'feminist smile': Award-winning British TV host, scriptwriter, columnist and critic, Caitlin Moran offers everything from her opinion on opinion writing and Downton Abbey to Benedict Cumberbatch and Adele with a 'feminist smile' set to the tune of 'Hello Dolly.'

Nicholson Baker salts his fiction with little known facts about things like traveling sprinklers: Award-winning, international bestselling fiction and non-fiction writer Nicholson Baker discusses his recipe for success with Washington Post book critic Ron Charles

Candy Leonard traces the emotions of Beatlemania to a culture of Beatleness fifty years later: First-generation Beatles fan and sociologist Candy Leonard traces the roots of Beatlemania from a female fan's perspective to the 'Beatleness' that still infuses the world fifty years later.

Brad Meltzer and Sandra Brown headline panel of mystery writers revealing secrets of the craft: Brad Meltzer, Sandra Brown, Michael Koryta, and Sara Blaedel join Megan Abbott in a tell-all about career high points and low points, writing superstitions and rituals, inspirations, and the finer points of mystery writing.

Scott Anderson and Ari Shavit compare the hundred year old vision and current reality of the Mideast: American novelist, journalist, and a veteran war correspondent, Scott Anderson,and Israeli reporter and columnist for Haaretz, Ari Shavit take a look at the modern Mideast through a historic lense, from on the early visionaries (1897-1917) to the current struggles.

Amy Bloom, Susan Gilman, Lian Moriarty, and Randy Meyers tackle ups and downs of women's fiction: Five bestselling authors discuss the ups and downs, ins and outs of women's contemporary fiction.

Marlene Streeruwitz juxtaposes language and torture to reveal feminist truths: Writer, director, and one of Europe's leading feminist activists, Marlene Streeruwitz makes her case for a 'female language' and reviews her writing career, including her new novel, Die Schmerzmecherin (The Hurtress), with Sweden's Yvonne Ihmels, founder of the culture magazine, Cora, at the 2013 Goteborg Book Fair.

Diana Gabaldon weaves time traveling, romance, history and science into hit Outlander series: Science whiz and bestselling author of the long-running historical, sci-fi adventure-romance Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon makes a rare appearance at BEA 2013 to introduce her new Outlander novel, Written in My Own Heart's Blood.

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