About Us

Welcome to the video book tour and author news network. Our mission is to connect authors and their audiences, bookstores, publishing professionals, and media producers, editors, writers and publishers around the globe around the clock using broadcast-quality digital video and the internet instead of airplanes and hotels.

We use streaming media servers with Windows Media and Quicktime formats for both high-speed cable and DSL connections and low-speed dial-up connections to stream author videos free of charge to desktops, laptops and handheld devices around the world. The videos are not for sale and cannot be downloaded or copied.

Since our initial launch in 2002 as a video book tour site featuring two authors, we have developed and launched three author news networks—PubBuzz (fiction and non-fiction), CooksRead (cookbooks) and KidsRead (children and young adult books)—featuring hundreds of video clips from book and author events around the country.

iReadNet currently averages over 1,000,000 hits, registering more than 175,000 visitors from 150 countries every month.

We launch new videos every week. Stay Tuned!

Video Book Tour Services

Our custom book publicity and promotion applications deliver a rich menu of web-based, business-to-business and business-to-consumer book marketing tools to link authors with readers, book reviewers, radio and TV producers, news editors, booksellers, and licensing agents around the globe. For more information, download our brochure (click here) or call (866) REA-DNET.