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Tama Janowitz and Arthur Nersesian champion 'loser lit'
Tama Janowitz and Arthur Nersesian appeared at the 2007 Small Press Book Fair sponsored by the New York Center For Independent Publishers (NYCIP) in New York City to read from their cult classics and talk about their lives and work. Arthur Nersesian, whose latest book, The Sacrificial Circumcision Of The Bronx has just been published by Akashic Press (October, 2008), began by reading from his semi-autobiographical cult classic (if you will excuse the language) The Fuck-Up (MTV/Pocket Books; May, 1999), in which the main character is corrupted by his girl friend with an offer of a Mercedes Benz if he can get her son to show her some respect. The 'fuck-up' proceeds to violently assualt the woman's son, when reason fails him, and ultimately forces the drug-adled boy to apologize to his mother, who in turn is forced to turn over the registration to the Mercedes Benz. Tama Janowitz then took the microphone to read a couple of paragraphs from different parts of her very famous book of short stories, Slaves Of New York (Random House; September, 1986), intermingled with reflections on the indignities of fame and misfortune, before announcing that her new book, They Is Us could not find a U.S. publisher, but is now published by The Friday Project in the U.K. (October, 2008). Janowitz then took questions from the audience, addressing the absurdities of her celebrity status in the world; the cultural biases that have haunted her writing career, forcing her to publish with a small overseas independent press; her affinity for down and out characters and, in the vernacular of the book trade, 'loser lit'. Arthur Nersesian then read a bit from his novel, Chinese Takeout (Harper Perennial; September, 2003), before Janowitz turned the table on the audience, asking who they were and what did they want?.

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Paul Krugman wins Nobel economics prize: Princeton professor, [I]New York Times[/I] columnist and bestselling author Paul Krugman wins 2008 Nobel prize for economics.

Neil Gaiman breaks new ground with 'The Graveyard Book' and 'Coraline' movie tie-in: Neil Gaiman crosses over from adult fiction to children's fiction with new groundbreaking book, 'The Graveyard Book,' and announces another first--a movie adaptation of 'Coraline.'

Robert Pinsky bridges tragedy of New Orleans, war, and forgetting with power of words: Three-time U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky reads from and talks about his latest poetry collections, 'Gulf Music' and 'An Invitation To Poetry.'

David Ignatius, Washington Post columnist, goes Hollywood with Leonardo DiCaprio and 'Body of Lies': Washington Post foreign affairs columnist turned bestselling spy thriller author David Ignatius talks about 'Body of Lies'--the movie, the book, the reasons he turned to fiction to find truth--at the National Book Festival 2007.

Philippa Gregory and 'The Other Queen' reign over Tudors: The reigning queen of Tudor historyPhilippa Gregory presents the latest addition to her ongoing sagas of Boleyn women, 'The Other Queen.'

Christopher Buckley courts bestseller lists with latest comic novel on an unlikely topic: Christopher Buckley does it again--a comic novel as unlikely as one about the pleasures of smoking.

Indie Book Report: Bruce McPherson and authors reveal the truth about fiction: Long-time independent publisher Bruce McPherson and authors Jaimy Gordon and George Minkoff extol the virtues and warn of the pitfalls of small presses and fiction writing in America.

Garrison Keillor, Marilu Henner, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. kick-off fall 2008 autographing season: The big books of 2008 are hitting bookstore shelves, and authors all across the country are bracing themselves for carpal tunnel syndrome, including Garrison Keillor, Marilu Henner, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who were among over 1,000 authors autographing preview copies of their books at BookExpo America 2008.

Indie press book report: the photographer's muse in book form: Skateboarding, hip-hopping, world-renowned photographer Glen E. Friedman and rocking co-author Ian F. Svenonius offer snapshots of the photographer's muse.

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