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James McBride sticks another feather in his hat--historical novels
Multi-talented jazz saxophonist, musical composer, journalist, bestselling memoirist and novelist James McBride appeared at the 2008 National Book Festival, where we found him talking about the inspiration for his new historical novel Song Yet Sung (Penguin/Riverhead Trade; January, 2009). In a jazzy, stream of consciousness style, McBride offered testimony to his love of America and its diversity of people, which flowed into a riff on being bi-racial, like Barack Obama, with a white mother and black father. McBride then took questions from the audience and described his job of teaching journalism at New York University, where he is a Distinguished Writer-in-Residence, and reflected on The Color Of Water, his award-winning memoir of family life in the Red Hook projects of Brooklyn.

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Salman Rushdie blends East and West cultures in 'The Enchantress of Florence': Award-winning British Indian novelist and essayist, knighted for his 'services to literature,' Salman Rushdie is interviewed by Washington Post Book World editor Marie Arana at the 2008 National Book Festival 20 years after the publication of 'Satanic Verses' and the ensuing death threats that drove him into hiding for ten years.

Earvin 'Magic' Johnson shows game-changing moves in '32 Ways to Be a Champion In Business': Basketball legend Magic Johnson appears at BookExpo America 2008 to talk about his latest game-changing moves.

Azar Nafisi brings her 'portable home' to BookExpo: Iranian academic, free speech activist, and bestselling author of 'Reading Lolita in Tehran,' Azar Nafisi introduces her memoir, 'Things I've Been Silent About,' at BookExpo America 2008.

Ted Turner gets 'back on top' with autobio, charm, and swagger: Ted Turner turns on the charm at BookExpo America 2008 and predicts his autobiography will be 'a home run' that will put him 'back on top.'

Francine Prose reads like a writer at the National Book Festival and Miami Book Fair: Francine Prose hits the road (like a writer) for 'Goldengrove' with reading stops before packed audiences at the 2008 National Book Festival and Miami Book Fair International.

Peter Matthiessen wins National Book Award for 'Shadow Country' after Miami Book Fair reading: Peter Matthiessen reads from 'Shadow Country' and talks about his work at the 25th annual Miami Book Fair International 2008 one week before winning his second National Book Award.

Miami Book Fair celebrates 25 years of history-making, award-winning, and emerging voices, Nov. 9-16: Hundreds of authors and thousands of fans flock to the 25th edition of internationally famous Miami Book Fair 2008, featuring today's leading history-making, award-winning, and emerging voices of literature.

Dennis Lehane 'sucked at everything' until he discovered writing: Dennis Lehane recalls how and why he became a writer, noting that he 'sucked' at everything else.

Alec Baldwin takes a 'light-hearted' look at the dark side of divorce: Hollywood movie and TV star Alec Baldwin takes aim at divorce courts, lawyers, and laws that strip parents of their dignity and respect for one another in what all too often turns into a vicious custody battle over their parental rights.

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