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Arianna Huffington says 'Right is Wrong' and at war with reality
With an introduction from social satirist and bestselling novelist Chrisotpher Buckley, political blogger Arianna Huffington took the stage at BookExpo America 2008 and launched a littany of examples of right wing political failures underlining the title of her new book Right Is Wrong (Knopf; April, 2008). Reflecting on the ethically and morally impoverished state of the Fourth Estate, Huffington derailed presidential candidate John McCain's 'Straight Talk Express' to make the point that the media has become little more than 'stenographers to power'. Citing Republican fear mongering and a lack of leadership in the Democratic party for the current national paralysis, Huffington ended her talk saying that the right wing of the Republican party was 'at war with reality.'

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Andre Dubus III tells the story of his life--from poverty stricken fighter to heavyweight writer: National Book Award finalist for his novel, 'The fog and the Sand', Andre Dubus III presents his instant hit, 'The Darden of Last Days', at BookExpo America 2008 in Los angeles, with an introduction by screen star Alec Baldwin.

Chris Buckley, Michael Moore, Dennis Lehane, and thousands of bookies pack bags for BookExpo America: Social satire, political polemics, and riveting mysteries will be on display at this year's BookExpo America when Christopher Buckley, Michael Moore and Dennis Lehane take the stage Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and June 1, for the annual BEA authors breakfast and lunch panels.

Michael Connelly highlights upcoming BookExpo America in Los Angeles, home of LAPD Harry Bosch: Sixteen years after he introduced LAPD Harry Bosch, bestselling author Michael Connelly will highlight this year's BookExpo America, May 28-June 1 in Los Angeles, with a new Harry Bosch novel featuring Harry's half-brother--La defense attorney Mickey Haller. Connelly was last seen at the Miami Book Fair International in 2004, where he talked about his transition from a Florida crime reporter to a Los Angeles Times crime reporter and bestselling novelist.

Susan Vreeland brings Auguste Renoir's 1880 masterpiece to life: Former school teacher turned novelist Susan Vreeland paints another historical novel based on a painting, this time Auguste Renoir's 1880 masterpiece, 'Luncheon of the Boating Party'.

Robert Draper tells story of Texas two-step on way to unauthorized bio of George W. Bush: Robert Draper tells the unlikely story of how he pentrated one of the nmost secretive Presidencies in history to write his unauthorized biography, 'Dead Certain: the Presidency of George W. Bush'.

Susan Nagel solves 200 year old mystery of Marie Antoinette's daughter: Susan Nagel talks about solving another historical mystery--the fate of Marie Antoinette's daughter.

Paul Krugman brings 'The Conscience of a Liberal' to a warm reception in Miami: New York Times op-ed columnist and bestselling author Paul Krugman presents 'The Conscience of a Liberal' at the Miami Book Fair International 2007 in Dade county, land of the hanging chad.

Walter Isaacson traces the arc of Einstein's life from lowly patent clerk to worldwide celebrity: Walter Isaacson explores Einstein's rebellious youth, failed marriage, lowly job as a 3rd class patent clerk, worldwide celebrity and ultimate death to portray a down-to-earth genius with unusual imagination.

Judith 'Miss Manners' Martin lets her hair down in Venice: Better known as 'Miss Manners,' the author of several books on 'excruciatingly' proper behavior, and former Washington Post reporter, Judith Martin lets her hair down and reveals her true passion for the historic, romantic city of Venice.

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