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Indie press book report: revealing erotica
Hosting a panel of leading erotica authors Polly Frost, Tsaurah Litzky, and Sofia Quintero at the 20th annual Independent and Small Press Book Fair 2007, erotica editor and writer Rachel Kramer Bussel led a discussion of the most revealing questions in erotic art, including the pros and cons of using pseudonyms in marketing their work; their sources of inspiration; the art of erotic storytelling; and the use of language to create erotic affects. Rachel Kramer Bussel summed up the session saying nothing is mandatory in erotica--not even sex scenes.

Book and Author Headlines

James Reston, Jr., reviews the historic Nixon-Frost interviews: the play, the book, and the movie: James Reston, Jr., looks back on the Nixon -Frost interviews, the impeachment of President Richard M. Nixon, and comparisons to the presidency of George W. Bush.

Terry McMillan says she's 'getting to happy' and bringing everyone with her: Award-winning, bestselling author Terry McMillan talks about 'getting to happy' and offers to 'bring everyone' with her.

J.A. Jance takes a little of the mystery out of Beaumont, Brady, and Reynolds for fans: J.A. Jance brings her storytelling talents to the National Book Festival 2007 and tells the stories behind the stories.

Robert Crais lampoons Hollywood, but loves the spoken word: Robert Crais lampoons Hollywood,but loves spoken word at the annual BookExpo America 2008 Audiobooks Tea.

Markos Moulitsas Zunigas pulls no punches when he's 'Taking on the System': Markos Moulitsas Zunigas tells how and why he decided to 'take on the system' and how he beat the system with his politically charged blog, The Daily Kos.

PEN 'Writers Against the Surveillance State' state case at BookExpo America reading: PEN writers Andre Dubus III, Azar Nafisi, Judy Blume, Dennis Lehane, Roxana Robinson, Sekou (tha misfit), Steve Connell, Jim Crace, and Sally Brooks state the cae against'Surveillance States' at BookExpo America 2008.

Richard Engel brings the war home, Baghdad to BookExpo, his 'War Journal' in hand: NBC News Middle East Bureau Chief Richard Engel flies from Baghdad to BookExpo America, his 'War Journal: My Five Years in Iraq' in hand.

Arianna Huffington says 'Right is Wrong' and at war with reality: In the blunt style and sharp wit that made her Huffington Post blog famous, Arianna Huffington tells a capacity BookExpo America audience why the right is dead wrong.

Andre Dubus III tells the story of his life--from poverty stricken fighter to heavyweight writer: National Book Award finalist for his novel, 'The fog and the Sand', Andre Dubus III presents his instant hit, 'The Darden of Last Days', at BookExpo America 2008 in Los angeles, with an introduction by screen star Alec Baldwin.

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