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Richard Russo and John Irving declare the novel alive and well and living in America
As speculation about the future of books rises to a fevered pitch throughout the publishing industry, two of America's bestselling storytellers, John Irving and Richard Russo, declaimed the notion that plots and novels are dead, regardless of technology, in an interview with New York Times book reporter Chip McGrath at a 2009 BookExpo America 'Literary Lions' panel. Russo began the interview by outlining his newest top selling novel, That Old Cape Magic (Knopf; August, 2009), and Irving followed with a synopsis of his forthcoming novel, Last Night On Twisted River (Random House; October, 2009). In a conversation about 'place' as a kind of 'character' in novels, Russo reflected on why he chose the world-famous Cape Cod as the setting for his new novel, and Irving gave his literary interpretation of the fictional landscape of Twisted River, New Hampshire, citing Herman Melville's warning that writers should not to seek please their audiences. Pressed to explain how they are so pleasing to their global fan bases despite writing long, challenging, and intricate stories about often painful and sometimes unpleasant events, Russo described living through the pain of his characters as anything but pleasurable or pleasing. Picking up on Russo's comment, Irving delineated 'pleasing' from 'entertaining' in storytelling, suggesting that to be entertaining a story has to be riveting, the most riveting events often being those which are the most disturbing. The conversation then turned to the irony of realism in fiction whereupon Russo dismissed academic writers like William Gass, Stanley Elkin, and John Barth as writers he had no interest in, preferring instead Dickens and Twain, while Irving gave a spirited defense of sexually explicit realism in his fiction. After Russo reviewed the books and authors he had been reading, and Irving issued an apology for all the books he had no time to read, the conversation turned to screenwriting. Russo reflected on how screenwriting gave him a whole new social network to balance his lonely writer's life, while Irving concurred, in large part, but pointed out that original screenplays rarely succeed--'the good stuff is adapted' from novels. McGrath pointed to rapid change in the book publishing industry and wondered what future the novel would have in the digital world. Russo vowed to keep writing novels until someone tells him he's 'obsolete,' and, noting that, contrary to common wisdom, reading is not declining in America, Irving dismissed the notion that the novel is a dying art form. Russo added that nevertheless new writers face tougher challenges today. Wrapping up, Russo described how screenwriting had made him more aware of story structure and helped him become a more successful writer. Irving cautioned that novel structure should be flexible and organic to the particular story rather than a rigid framework for every story, noting that there are many ways to tell a story.

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Ben Mezrich rolls the dice with 'Accidental Billionaires': Bestselling author, Harvard grad, and former blackjack game show co-host, Ben Mezrich rolls the dice with 'accidental billionaires' at BookExpo America 2009.

In memory of Frank McCourt, teacher, raconteur, and Pulitzer Prize winning author: Teacher, raconteur, and Pulitzer Prize winning author Frank McCourt and humor columnist, bestselling author, and perennial presidential contender Dave Barry appeared together for one memorable evening at the 2008 Miami Book Fair International.

Ridley Pearson invites readers to a 'killer summer' with a 'killer view' in Idaho: Bestselling crime thriller writer Ridley Pearson takes readers to Idaho where a nuclear laboratory and a countryside of anti-social characters and bears make for a 'killer summer' with a 'killer weekend' and a 'killer view.'

Gore Vidal recalls the past and weighs in on the present with, as always, devastating wit: American novelist, screenwriter, playwright, essayist, short story writer, actor and politician Gore Vidal surveys the modern American landscape in an interview with Books & Books founder Mitchell Kaplan at the 2008 Miami Book Fair International.

Dean Koontz brings 'relentless' suspense to the beaches this summer: Master thriller writer Dean Koontz hits the beaches with another instant #1 bestseller, 'Relentless.'

Brad Meltzer heads for the beaches with Superman, Cain, Abel, and 'The Book Of Lies': Bestselling author of graphic and traditional novels, and television screenwriter Brad Meltzer ties the themes of Superman, Cain and Abel together in his latest big book, 'The Book Of Lies.'

Michael Connelly's 'Scarecrow' is landing on beaches near you: Bestselling crime fiction author Michael Connelly talks about his life, his work, his characters.

David Baldacci heads for the beaches with 'First Family': Radio show host and author of seven books Lewis Burke Frumkes interviews lawyer turned bestselling novelist David Baldacci.

Baldacci, Connelly, Koontz, Meltzer and Sparks et al head for the beaches: David Baldacci, Michael Connelly, Dean Koontz, Brad Meltzer, Nicholas Sparks and a boatload of bestselling authors bring thrills, chills, and true love to the beaches this summer.

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