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Marisa de los Santos makes the leap from poetry to prose by way of motherhood
Once upon a time Marisa de los Santos was an up and coming poet who found poetic inspiration in fleeting moments and quiet vignettes. Then, she became a mother of two. The quiet moments in her life as poet gave way to noise and clutter, and a voice began to emerge in her head that turned into a full-blown character inspiring her surprising transition to novelist, de los Santos told a packed audience at the 2008 National Book Festival, recalling the evolution of characters from her imagination to the page. The bestselling author of Love Walked In, de los Santos then read a passage from her sequel, Belong To Me (Harper Paperbacks; March, 2009). Wrapping up, de los Santos took questions from the audience on a range of topics, including the challenges of storytelling in alternating first and third person voices; her use of mental illness in character development; the details of her writing process; her insights into storyline development; and the relationship between Love Walked In and the sequel, Belong to Me.

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Small press authors, poets and storytellers find big audiences at book fairs: Small presses have their big moments at book fairs.

Cokie Roberts unveils the politcal prowess and power of the 'Founding Mothers': ABC News and National Public Radio reporter Cokie Roberts celebrates early American First Ladies at the National Book Festival, former First Lady Laura Bush's signature annual event in the National Mall.

Richard Price finds humor and colliding worlds in projects of NYC's Lower East Side: Fresh from his former day job writing for the late, great HBO series, 'The Wire,' Richard Price reads from 'Lush Life,' his first novel in five years and takes questions from the audience.

Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian report U.S. atrocities in Iraq, claiming 1.2 million casualties: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and co-author English Al Jazeera reporter Laila Al-Arian report on the 'collateral damage' in the war in Iraq.

Art Spiegelman and Daniel Pink discourse on the discourse of comics: Although he wants a DNA test before he accepts paternity, the 'father of graphic novels,' Art Spiegelman discourses with 'graphic business books' writer Daniel Pink on the language and art of graphic books as seen through the lens of Spiegelman's life and work.

Jane Mayer nominated for NBCC award for her book exposing 'The Dark Side' of U.S. torture policies: New Yorker correspondent Jane Mayer sheds light on 'the dark side' of the Bush Administration's war on terror.

James McBride sticks another feather in his hat--historical novels: Multi-talented jazz saxophonist, musical composer, journalist, bestselling memoirist and novelist James McBride presents historical novel 'Song Yet Sung' at the 2008 National Book Festival.

Salman Rushdie blends East and West cultures in 'The Enchantress of Florence': Award-winning British Indian novelist and essayist, knighted for his 'services to literature,' Salman Rushdie is interviewed by Washington Post Book World editor Marie Arana at the 2008 National Book Festival 20 years after the publication of 'Satanic Verses' and the ensuing death threats that drove him into hiding for ten years.

Earvin 'Magic' Johnson shows game-changing moves in '32 Ways to Be a Champion In Business': Basketball legend Magic Johnson appears at BookExpo America 2008 to talk about his latest game-changing moves.

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