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Walter Mosley offers brief glimpses of 'the devil' in him
If you've ever wanted to write a novel, all you you need is a 'good first sentence,' said award-winning mystery writer Walter Mosley, speaking about his new book on the fiction writing process, This Year You Write Your Novel (Little, Brown and Company; April, 2007). In a no-holds-barred interview with publishing veteran and writer Nora Rawlinson at a BookExpo America event sponsored by the Center for Independent Publishing (CIP), Mosley went on to reflect on the musicality of fiction for establishing character, mood, and setting; dismiss the notion of restraint in the creative process; and give bad reviews to editing and the publishing process altogether. Using examples of his own characters and storylines, Mosley described the difference between sex and pornography in literature and talked about the use of fear in detective novels. Shifting gears from the impersonal how-to of writing, Rawlinson asked Mosley more personal questions about discovering his father at home in a drunken state during the 1992 Watts riots; his adventures in Hollywood; his taste for poetry; and his views on the value of independent publishers and small presses in a writer's world dominated by large international publishing conglomerates.

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Julia Glass exposes truth about fiction at National Book Festival: National Book Award winning author Julia Glass exposes deeper truths in fiction and poetry that show us who we are

Larry Flynt says sex and lies in politics 'a bit much' in 2004; now offers $1 million for more: Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt tweaks Congressional hypocrites 'who advocate one thing and do another' with $1 million offer

Jennifer Egan and Roy Blount, Jr., offer contrasting perspectives on written vs. spoken words: Two bestselling authors talk about their work with contrasting perspectives on going audio.

Khaled Hosseini shines light on Afghan women in new bestselling novel, 'A Thousand Splendid Suns': Khaled Hosseini talks about his writing career, his two bestselling novels, women's issues and Afghanistan after 9/11 at BookExpo America 2007

Judy Blume, LL Cool J, Richard Russo lead parade of 1,052 author autographings at BookExpo America: Judy Blume, LL Cool J, and Richard Russo are among 1,052 authors to introduce their books to over 30,000 booksellers and book publishing execs at BookExpo America 2007

BookExpo America preview: Alan Greenspan booked to kick-off industry's annual marathon: Every year they swarm like locusts on some unsuspecting city in the U.S.A. This year over 30,000 book industry professionals will appear in New York City, June 1-3, for readings, lectures, and panels and a fair amount of partying to celebrate new books by over 1,000 of America's best-loved authors, including Khaled Hosseini, Ann Patchett, Garry B. Trudeau, Jodi Picoult, Paul Krugman, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, Deepak Chopra, R.L. Stine, Zane, James Patterson, Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Eliza Griswold reports from Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia; finds poetry in strange places: A Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard university and the recipient of the first Robert I. Friedman Prize in Investigative Journalism, poet/journalist Eliza Griswold talks about discovering universal truths in individual stories from some of the darkest corners of the world, and offers the poetry of hope in human struggles to survive.

Richard A. Clarke mixes counterterrorism expertise with 'predictive fiction' to find greater truth: Former White House counterterrorism advisor Richard A. Clarke takes readers behind the scenes of White House crisis management, describes the process and how he applies techniques to write what he calls 'predictive fiction.'

Jodi Picoult worries, researches and then writes her bestsellers: Jodi Picoult shows why she has become one of America's bestselling authors in an entertaining evening with fellow New Hampshire author and raconteur Rebecca Rule

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