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Robert Dunn reads from his rock 'n roll novel 'Pink Cadillac' at the Small Press Book Fair
Award-winning writer and rock 'n roller Robert Dunn, who founded the rock group Thin Wild Mercury and has written for major magazines and literary journals, surfaced at the Small Press Book Fair in December, 2006 to read from his underground hit novel Pink Cadillac (Coral Press; July, 2001) about a bluesy babe named Daisy and her unlikely run-in with Elvis Presley and his pink cadillac as she searches for a long lost rock 'n roll recording.

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Rebecca Schumejda reads from her book of poems 'Dream Big, Worker Harder': Poet Rebecca Schumejda reads from her second collection 'Dream Big, Work Harder'

John Fiske reads from his novel, The Library Book, about the murder of Stanford White: A student of history at Trinity College, John Fiske reads from his novel titled 'The Library Book' about the murder of the great American architect Stanford White

Linda Le Blanc returns from Mt. Everest to read from her novel 'Beyond The Summit': Linda LeBlanc appears in Sherpa dress at the Small Press Book Fair to read from her novel 'Beyond The Summit'

Deanna Shapiro reads from her poetic memoir about her mother's death: Deanna Shapiro reads from her poetic memoir titled 'Conversations at the Nursing Home' of her mother's death

Sharyn McCrumb takes trophy as world's bestselling NASCAR novelist: Sharyn McCrumb tells how and why she switched from writing historical fiction set in Appalachia to writing NASCAR novels, and proved NASCAR fans can read

Carl Hiaasen rips O.J. Simpson, Miami Herald, Mark Foley, Katherine Harris and south Florida follies: Bestselling mystery writer and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen is tour guide to south Florida follies, from O.J. Simpson and the 9/11 hijackers to Mark Foley and Katherine Harris

Nora Ephron admits Billy Crystal came up with the line that made her famous: Acclaimed essayist, novelist, Hollywood screenwriter and director Nora Ephron brings her wit to the Miami Book Fair International 2006 and offers the epiphanies of her writing career

Lawrence Wright tells the story of Al-Qaida and the road to 9/11: New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright takes readers inside the minds, motivations, operations and strategies of Al-Qaeda terrorists, offering reasons why Al-Qaeda cannot succeed

Barack Obama makes big splash in Miami; then jumps into the pool of presidential hopefuls: U.S. Senator Barack Obama appears at sold out Miami Book Fair event to talk about his book, ('The Audacity of Hope'), and is greeted with 'Thank you, Mr. President--'

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