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David Baldacci regales National Book Festival with tales of fame and misfortune
The tent was packed at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C., for bestselling political thriller writer David Baldacci's thirty-minute appearance to promote his latest bestseller Simple Genius (Grand Central Publishing; April, 2007). Introduced by NPR's Fresh Air book critic Maureen Corrigan, Baldacci did what he does best--tell stories. After a brief reflection on what inspired him to become an author, mixed with anecdotes about growing up with books, Baldacci practically brought down the tent with his story about the most embarassing speaking engagement he ever had. Baldacci then described how the inspiration for his first novel Absolute Power (Grand Central Publishing; 1996) came about. And followed with the story of the time he was overheard on a train doing research by cell phone on how to commit the perfect murder. When the laughter died down, Baldacci recounted his most memorable book tour encounters with fans. On the serious side, Baldacci made a wish for his Wishing Well Foundation, which promotes reading and literacy. Baldacci closed with more stories of encounters with fans at book signings and an impassioned reminder to the audience of the importance of protecting the First Amendment. Speaking of book signings, PubBuzz interviewed Baldacci at an author autographing table at BookExpo America 2005.

Book and Author Headlines

Albert, Gilmore, and Schwarzschild re-define Jewish literature at Brooklyn Book Festival: Three of Brooklyn's most widely acclaimed emerging authors of the last two years--Elisa Albert, Jennifer Gilmore, and Ed Schwarzschild--read from their novels, published and unpublished, at the Brooklyn Book Festival 2007.

Miami Book Fair International 2007 highlights language, racial and cultural diversity in books: The 24th annual Miami Book Fair International produces many memorable events, readings, debates, and presentations, attracting tens of thousands of book lovers of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Paul Krugman and 300 new and notable authors head for Miami Book Fair 2007: Paul Krugman is one of over 300 big name and emerging authors gathering in Miami for the 24th Annual Miami Book Fair International, November 4-11.

Valerie Plame Wilson comes in from the cold: Valerie Plame Wilson talks about herlegal battles with the White House, Dick Cheney and the CIA, and offers a snapshot of her tell-as-much-as-she-can memoir of her life as a spy, 'Fair Game.'

Tom Perrotta tackles sex education in his novel, and the lack of it in real life: Bestselling author Tom Perrotta introduces his latest work of subtle satire about the boiling caldron of American politics and religion stirred with sex education and teenage angst.

Mende Nazer's nightmare of slavery ends in freedom and fairy tale re-union: Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis tell the story of Mende Nazer's life as a slave in Khartoum and London, and her subsequent escape and re-union with her family in her native land of Nuba, Sudan.

Alice McDermott and George Pelecanos hit the paperback racks: Alice McDermott reads from her novel, 'After This,' and talks about her work, while George Pelecanos takes questions from the audience on Washington, DC, politics, Hollywood and his writing at the National Book Festival 2006. Last year's hardcovers are now out in paperback.

Paul Krugman examines Republican values with 'The Conscience Of A Liberal': Bestselling author, New York Times columnist, and professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University, Paul Krugman

Joseph Finder makes his 'Power Play' on national bestseller lists: Joseph Finder visits the Jabberwocky Bookstore in Newburyport, Massachusetts, tells the story of his life--from the CIA to the top 10 on the New York Times bestseller list

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