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Amy Sedaris offers kitsch kitchen send-up in new book, 'I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence'
With an introduction by Washington Post book review editor Marie Arana at BookExpo America 2006, actor, comic, radio personality and author Amy Sedaris put the kitsch into kitchen with her new book of non-sequitors I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence (Warner Books; October, 2006). Featuring tough questions of etiquette, such as what beverages to offer an alchoholic, Sedaris served up a potpourri of tips on how to be a somewhat less than perfect hostess. Afterward, Sedaris graciously signed autographs for her fans.

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Pat Buchanan pushes all the hot buttons--immigration, Iraq, Iran, Bush and Hillary: Two-time candidate for president, former presidential speech writer, and cable network news analyst Pat Buchanan gives his views on all the hot issues of the day

Arianna Huffington survives divorce, blogging, politics...tells how in book 'On Becoming Fearless': Blogger Ariana Huffington says she can 'smell' the fear of Democrats, while fearlessly calling George W. Bush 'the man who single-handedly destroyed America,' and recalls the critics who ridiculed her entry into the rough-and-tumble blogosphere.

Lynn Sherr Stars 'Outside the Box': Lynn Sherr refuses to be boxed in by star pundits at BookExpo America 2006.

Frank Rich lands at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, October 8, 2006: Three weeks after its initial release, and just one month before the U.S. Congressional mid-term elections, New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Rich's book 'The Greatest Story Ever Sold' bursts onto the #2 spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

Marie Arana unwraps the Amazon jungle, revealing rich characters in her first novel, 'Cellophane': Washington Post book review editor, and author of her acclaimed memoir, 'American Chica,' Marie Arana talks about her first novel, 'Cellophane'

Monica Ali makes case for free speech and new post-liberalism morality: On the heels of her highly acclaimed bestselling first novel, 'Brick Lane,' Monica Ali presents 'Alentejo Blue' at BookExpo America 2006 with a manifesto of sorts on censorship and the need for post-liberalism morality based on individual free speech

John Updike satirizes New York Times article on Google's digitized 'universal library': Literary lion John Updike sets aside his new novel to rip tech reporter Kevin Kelly's New York Times Sunday Magazine article extolling the wonders of Google's digitized 'universal library' initiative.

Anderson Cooper's search for his 'bliss' leads to 'Dispatches from the Edge': CNN Anchor tells how his search for 'bliss' ended in a quest to 'find feeling again' in war-torn Iraq and Katrina-ravaged Louisiana

'Any Bitter Thing' tastes sweet for Monica Wood: Monica Wood's 'Any Bitter Thing,' tops Target's 'Breakout Novel' category, lands on bestseller lists and BookSense Summer Reading pick.

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