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Brian Lamb pulls plug on Booknotes
Brian Lamb, founder of the C-Span cable network and host of the long-running Booknotes, never mentioned his own new book, Booknotes on American Character (Perseus Press; March, 2004), when he hosted a panel of bestselling authors at BookExpo 2004. Nor did he mention that Booknotes would cease production. But, in his typically gracious manner, he talked to reporters and booksellers afterwards and took a moment with PubBuzz to tell us what books he was reading. Booknotes, for decades one of the most influential and respected author interview programs on cable or broadcast television, had its last showing on C-Span December 5, 2004.

Book and Author Headlines

Marilynne Robinson's Gilead nominated for NBCC Award: Twenty-three years after her first novel, Marilynne Robinson's second novel is hailed by critics as one of the best in 2004.

Terry Gross takes readers behind the mike of NPR's popular Fresh Air: Terry Gross talks about her interviews with famous writers, actors, musicians and artists

Paul Krugman rips Social Security privatization plan; fears major disasters ahead: Author of The Great Unraveling pulls no punches in his appearance at the recent Miami Book Fair International 2004.

Gish Jen unveils The Love Wife at BookExpo America: Gish Jen explores mixed-race families and Asian adoptions in new book, The Love Wife

Bob Edwards investigates Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism: Bob Edwards investigates Edward R. Murrow's journalism career; former NPR news anchor sees Murrow as martyr and says corporate interests turning news into entertainment

Alexandra Fuller scribbles the cat; tells of journey to confront painful past: Bestselling author describes personal journey through Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique with tormented African soldier

Hundreds of authors meet thousands of readers at Miami Book Fair International: Thousands of readers and hundreds of authors gather for the largest and most prestigious book fair in the U.S.--the 21st Annual Miami Book Fair International

Tom Wolfe takes off white suit; steps into shoes of 18-year old Charlotte Simmons: Tom Wolfe, also known as the man in white, introduces his first novel in five years at BookExpo America.

Alexander McCall Smith quits Detective Club in Botswana for Philosophy Club in Scotland: Alexander McCall Smith leaves beloved heroine Precious Ramotswe in Botswana for new love in Scotland, Isabelle Dalhousie

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