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Chuck Goldstone shines in dark times; radio commentator offers a kinder, gentler sense of humor
Returning to Worcester, MA, where he got his first job, the humorist best known for his wry, self-effacing commentary on American Public Radio's Marketplace, Chuck Goldstone wowed the Tatnuck Booksellers audience with a story about chain saws, squirrels and Home Depot followed by a reading of his hilarious essay on assembling grills from his new book This Book Is Not A Toy (St. Martin's Press; April, 2005). With wit and showmanship, the author also read his mirthful essay on package warnings, followed by his piece titled Why I Will Never Be Called Lieutenant. In an interview before the event, Goldstone revealed his roots, talked about becoming a humorist and commented on the 'mean-spirited' humor of today.

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Ellen Feldman's 'Boy Who Loved Anne Frank' raises issues of American anti-semitism: Ellen Feldman explores Anne Frank's darker meanings at the Frankfurt Book Fair; author raises issue of American anti-semitism

Simon Singh gets a Big Bang in Frankfurt; science writer calls Intelligent Design 'stupid design': Science reporter and bestselling author of 'Big Bang: The Origins of the Universe' Simon Singh says science is based on reality, and leaves the supernatural to the unscientific realms of religion and art

Wim Wenders Finds 'A Sense of Place' among writers, critics and cartoonists at Frankfurt Book Fair: Wim Wenders, Yoko Tawada, Jess Jochimsen, Mario Adorf, Klaus Espermuller, Volker Reiche, Peter Gaymann, and Joshua Sobol draw large crowds at Frankfurt Book Fair 2005

Doris Kearns Goodwin explores the political genius of Abraham Lincoln in new biography: Pulitzer Prize-winner Doris Kearns Goodwin draws portrait of Abraham Lincoln's multi-faceted character that made him one of America's greatest political leaders during time of crisis

Frankfurt Book Fair sets new attendance records: 280,000 visitors and 7,200 exhibitors from 101 countries attend world's largest book fair in Frankfurt, Germany

Barbara Ehreneich goes undercover in a search of the American Dream: Bestselling author and New York Times reporter Barbara Ehrenreich joins the ranks of unemployed white collar executives in search of the American Dream--a $50,000 job with health benefits

Myla Goldberg explores influenza epidemic of 1918 in new novel, 'Wickett's Remedy': Bestselling author of 'The Bee Season' talks about challenges of researching influenza experiments on prisoners in 1918 as 40-80 million people die in largest pandemic the world has ever known

Ann Beattie, winner of $30,000 Rea Award for short story writing, reads 'Coping Stones': Ann Beattie reads 'Coping Stones,' published in September 12, 2005, issue of 'The New Yorker' at the University of New Hampshire and one week later wins the $30,000 Rea Award for her celebrated work as a short story writer

Umberto Eco sheds light on 'The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana': Famed semiotician and novelist Umberto Eco offers a love letter to literature at BookExpo America 2005

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