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David Sedaris tells tale of Sir Lancelot; reveals his true love--book tours
With an introduction by National Public Radio's Fresh Air host, Terry Gross, David Sedaris demonstrated his unique wit and style to the delight of booksellers at BookExpo America in Chicago this past June. Introducing his newest collection of essays, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (Little, Brown; June, 2004), the former housecleaner told his own tales of Sir Lancelot and talked about how lucky he is to be a writer. The bestselling author and radio raconteur signed books afterward.

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Jon Stewart says torture re-classified as 'freedom tickling': Host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show brings comic relief to election year politics; lampoons spin doctors and politicians

Art Spiegelman's first new book in a dozen years tells story of the day the world ended: Author of Maus depicts personal and political impressions of September 11, 2001, in new book, In the Shadow of No Towers

Graydon Carter reports human, social, economic and political costs of Bush years: Award-winning magazine editor details tangible and intangible costs of Bush war on terror in new book, What We've Lost

Jane Pauley's new book flies high on bestsellers lists; hits stores in time for new TV venture: New daytime talk show marks fresh chapter in TV anchor's career

Ron Suskind prays President Bush will embrace complexity, admit mistakes: Pulitzer Prize-winner calls out 'Mayberry Machiavellians' in White House; laments lack of interest in real facts and full disclosure

Maureen Dowd sees 'Freudian' teenage rebellion' in Bushworld: NY Times columnist finds 'darker, more complicated White House' under W

Donna Brazile blasts Conservatives: Former Gore campaign manager says right-wing 'hijacked God' and 'duped' Americans into war

P.J. O'Rourke says Jesus is his favorite comedian and Peace Kills: Irreverent author presents new book and likens Dems to farmers with three-legged pigs

Joe Wilson says Bush contact with criminal defense lawyer 'disconcerting': Former U.S. Ambassador autographs new book, The Politics of Truth; says truth is something Bush Administration is 'not familiar with'

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