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ZZ Packer reads from award-winning collection of short stories, 'Drinking Coffee Elsewhere'
San Francisco author ZZ Packer arrived at the University of New Hampshire on a cold, snowy evening in March and, after an introduction by author Charlotte Bacon, proceeded to warm up the crowd with a reading of 'Brownies,' a story from her award-winning collection, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere (Riverhead Books paperback, February, 2004). Previously published in The New Yorker and The Best American Short Stories, 2000, 'Brownies' is the often hilarious, yet moving story of how a troop of black teenage Girl Scout Brownies confront a group of white Girl Scouts whom they suspect of making a derogatory, racist comment. In this lyrical, yet down-home, coming of age story, the young Brownies hold a secret meeting to plot their revenge and 'teach them a lesson' then anxiously wait for their opportunity to avenge the insult. On the bus home, the young girls wrestle with their consciences, struggling to understand the significance of their victory. In a question and answer period after the reading, ZZ Packer discussed her approach to the characters and story.

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