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Jennifer Egan's 'Goon Squad' captures 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award
Widely acclaimed (Associated Press, Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc., etc.) bestselling novelist Jennifer Egan won the 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award for her novel, A Visit From The Goon Squad, just as the trade paperback form of the book (Anchor; March, 2011) began landing in bookstores. We caught up with Egan last year at BookExpo America 2010 where she introduced her latest Escherian tour de force in an exploration of the written and spoken word with BBC Audiobook America's marketing director Michele Cobb. After comparing notes on choosing voice actors for audio books such as A Visit from the Goon Squad (BBC Audio; June, 2010), Egan and Cobb drilled down on audio book production values, followed by a discussion of Egan's last-minute decision to include a slideshow chapter in her new novel and the challenges of audio adaptations of novels. Egan and Cobb then discussed the question on everyone's mind regarding publishing's digital transition and closed their presentation with Egan's comments on the significance of rock 'n roll music references in A Visit from the Goon Squad before opening it up to questions from the audience on Egan's potential young adult market; the meaning of the novel's title; and her hand-written writing process. For more videos of Jennifer Egan, check out her appearance at the 2007 BookExpo America with Roy Blount, Jr. where she talked about The Invisible Circus and The Keep among other things.

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Jaimy Gordon's National Book Award-winning novel 'Lord of Misrule' is off to the races in paperback: 2010 National Book Award winner Jaimy Gordon reads from her first novel, 'Sham of Nolo-City' and talks about independent small press publishing with publisher Bruce McPherson at an 'Emerging Voices' panel sponsored by the NY Center for Independent Publishers in 2008.

Michele Norris unpacks the family secrets: National Public Radio evening news host of 'All Things Considered' Michele Norris presents her 'accidental' memoir of family secrets at the 2010 National Book Festival.

Eugene Robinson breaks down 'disintegration' of black America: Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post journalist and author Eugene Robinson traces the 'splintering of black America' at the 2010 Miami Book Fair International.

Ann Beattie offers a different kind of surprise party in 'Home to Marie': Award-winning short story writer and novelist Ann Beattie reads 'Home to Marie' from 'The New Yorker Stories.'

Gail Godwin recalls the past in fiction and in fact: Bestselling author Gail Godwin recalls the hidden longings of her past through her latest fiction and the recently released second of her two-volume memoir.

Jonathan Safran Foer carves up factory farming of animals: Award-winning novelist Jonathan Safran Foer carves a new understanding of the moral implications and scientific results of 'factory farming' and eating of animals at the 2010 National Book Festival.

Patton Oswalt rides his 'zombie spaceship' from TV 'wasteland' to the world of books: Stand-up comedian, writer and actor Patton Oswalt rides into the 2010 BEA trade convention on his 'Zombie Spaceship.'

Edmund Morris, Noah Feldman, and Jeffrey Toobin judge two Roosevelt Supreme Courts with today: CNN legal reporter and author Jeffrey Toobin leads a discussion with Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning biographer Edmund Morris and Harvard law professor and author Noah Feldman covering the two 20th century Roosevelt presidencies and their Supreme Court Justices compared to today.

John Grisham questions the morality of the U.S. legal system and penal code: Worldwide bestselling author John Grisham launches 'The Confession,' a provocative exploration of wrongful convictions and the death penalty at BEA 2010.

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