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Edmund Morris, Noah Feldman, and Jeffrey Toobin judge two Roosevelt Supreme Courts with today
CNN legal reporter and author of The Nine (Anchor Reprint Edition; September, 2008), Jeffrey Toobin (click here for videos of his appearance at the 2007 Miami Book Fair International) made an appearance at the 2010 BookExpo America trade convention to host a discussion with Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning biographer Edmund Morris and Harvard law professor and author Noah Feldman regarding the two 20th century Roosevelt presidencies and their Supreme Court Justices compared to today's Court and politics. Toobin began the discussion with Edmund Morris, who introduced the final Book in his award-winning trilogy detailing the life and times of Theodore Roosevelt, Colonel Roosevelt (Random House; November, 2010), followed by acclaimed Harvard professor of international law Noah Feldman's intro of his history of the 'battles and triumphs' of four of Franklin Roosevelt's Supreme Court Justices Scorpions (Twelve; November, 2010). Morris then recounted 'Teddy' Roosevelt's remarkable life post-presidency, which began when he was just 50 years old and ended ten years later at the age of 60, after a year of hunting in Kenya, whereuponhe had become the most famous person on earth, and couldn't resist running for the White House again in a historic third-party Bull Moose Party campaing, during which, at one point, he was nearly assassinated, yet gave his campaign speech anyway, declaring, 'It takes more than that to kill a bull moose.' Feldman next drew an ironic, nuanced portrait of one of FDR's most controversial Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter, an immigrant who came to public notice for his advocacy for justice in the historic case of Italian immigrants and self-proclaimed anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, but who later, as Supreme Court Justice advocated judicial restraint and state's rights, yet was in the majority opinion in the famous school de-segregation case, Brown v. Board of Education. Feldman then told the surprising, perhaps even shocking, story of Hugo Black's rise from Ku Klux Klansman to U.S. Senator and finally to Supreme Court Justice during the FDR administration, where Black became famous for his racial liberalism. Morris and Feldman then compared TR's pro-healthcare, anti-corporate, pro-individual, pro-activist, anti-privilege court of Oliver Wendell Holmes with FDR's New Deal advocate, and little known Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, whom current Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito have both singled out as their model. Morris and Feldman wrapped their interview with Toobin by comparing the two Roosevelts with the 'Barack Obamas and Sarah Palins' of today. The authors then took questions on the nature of political opposition in the Roosevelt erasvs. today; the life and times ofSupreme Court Justice William O. Douglas; and the role of religious views in the make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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John Grisham questions the morality of the U.S. legal system and penal code: Worldwide bestselling author John Grisham launches 'The Confession,' a provocative exploration of wrongful convictions and the death penalty at BEA 2010.

Patti Smith takes her National Book Award bows in Miami: Rock and roll Hall of Fame legend, poet, and author Patti Smith presents her multimedia talents at the 2010 Miami Book Fair International two days after winning the 2010 National Book Award for her memoir, 'Just Kids.'

Stacy Schiff gives Cleopatra a long overdue makeover: Pulitzer Prize winning biographer and New York Times guest columnist Stacy Schiff unravels the mysteries of Cleopatra with a fresh point of view at the 2010 National Book Festival.

Steven Rattner and Jonathan Alter take the measure of Obama's 'Overhaul' and 'Promise': Chris Kenneally sits down with , American financier and U.S. Treasury Department auto industry adviser Steven Rattner and award-winning Newsweek editor Jonathan Alter for behind-the-scenes view of the U.S. Government 'overhaul' of GM and Chrysler and the 'promise' of the Obama Presidency.

Andrew Ross Sorkin and James McManus compare gambling on Wall Street and Vegas: Award-winning financial reporter and New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin and poker player, teacher, author James McManus compare the risks and rewards of Wall Street and Vegas.

Gordon S. Wood and Hadley Nagel bring home the early years, 1789-1815: Pulitzer Prize winning historian Gordon S. Wood and National Director of Americans for Madison Hadley Nagel spotlight the early years of U.S. history and Madison's role in the new republic.

Franzen, Rushdie, and Beattie lead parade of authors to Miami Book Fair, November 14-21: Jonathan Franzen, Salman Rushdie, and Ann Beattie and several hundred bestselling and emerging authors of fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, and children's books are scheduled to appear at one of the nation's biggest and longest running annual book fairs--the 2010 Miami Book Fair International--November 14-21.

Joe Scarborough calls for a change of temperament in American politics: Former Florida Congressman and popular host of [I]Morning Joe[/I], the popular MSNBC cable-TV morning news program, Joe Scarborough talks politics and personalities in his book, 'The Last Best Hope.'

Condoleezza Rice launches charm offensive with memoir: Former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State in the George W. Bush White House Condoleezza Rice turns on the charm recalling the 'extraordinary, ordinary' people who taught her the transformative value of education.

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