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Michael Moore exposes the 'not pleasant' perils of progressive political activism in America
Political satirist, progressive activist, Academy Award winning filmmaker, and bestselling author Michael Moore took the stage at the 2011 BookExpo America trade show poking fun at Tea Partiers, Republicans, and Democrats with his trademark humor. Moore then turned serious as he introduced his new book Here Comes Trouble (Grand Central Publishing; September, 2011) featuring two dozen non-fiction short stories of events that shaped his life before reading a passage from the book about the night he won the 2003 Best Documentary Feature Oscar for Bowling for Columbine, which saw his triumph turned to torturous fiasco as a result of his outspoken opposition to President Bush and the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Moore then took questions from the audience on how fame has influenced the way he conducts interviews; the status of his lifetime membership in the NRA (National Rifle Association); the Republican governors' assualt on the working class; the 'not pleasant' perils of progressive political activism in America today; his motives for challenging the entrenched American healthcare system in Sicko; and the subject of his next film.

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Scott Spencer follows trails of Dostoevsky and Graham Greene to 'Man in the Woods': Acclaimed novelist Scott Spencer reads from and talks about his new novel, inspired by Dostoevsky and Graham Greene, at the National Book Festival and the Miami Book Fair International.

Ken Follett weaves a tapestry of the twentieth century's siesmic events in 'Fall Of Giants': Bestselling historical novelist Ken Follett talks about and reads from Book Two of The Century Trilogy, 'Fall of Giants,' at the 2010 National Book Festival

Jennifer Close ties (and unties) the knots for 'Girls In White Dresses': Widely acclaimed debut author Jennifer Close takes a bow at BookExpo America 2011 and introduces 'Girls in White Dresses.'

Misha Glouberman teaches basic rules of better business and family communications in seven minutes: Facilitator and games teacher Misha Glouberman teaches rules for better business and family communications in seven minutes, using 20 slides, of 21 seconds each--billed as a 7x20x21--a loose interpretation of a pecha kucha presentation format invented in Tokyo in 2003.

Carl Hiaasen serves up Cherry Pye with a dollop of mayhem on 'Star Island': Bestselling author, Miami Herald investigative reporter and weekly columnist Carl Hiaasen sets up his latest wild and crazy caper featuring Cherry Pyea cast of madcap characters sowing mayhem on 'Star Island' at the 2010 Miami Book Fair International.

Jane Fonda conquers her fears of aging by embracing them in 'Prime Time': Two-time Academy Award winning actress, political activist, and bestselling author Jane Fonda takes the 'staircase' to happiness and conquers her fear of aging in 'Prime Time.'

Scott Turow reflects on his life as writer, prosecutor, and member of The Rock Bottom Remainders: The award-winning author of nine bestselling novels and essay collections and works of non-ficton, Scott Turow reviews the high and low points of his road from law school and criminal prosecutor to one of America's top crime fiction writers.

Erik Larson takes a walk through Nazi Germany 'In the Garden of Beasts': Award-winning Time magazine contributing writer Erik Larson brings to life America's first Ambassador to Nazi Germany, William E. Dodd, and his clever daughter, Martha.

Aimee Bender offers a taste of 'The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake': Award-winning novelist Aimee Bender offers a slice of 'lemon cake' at the 2010 Miami Book Fair International.

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