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John Hodgman and Larry Wilmore get the truth out about fake news and book blurbs
Frequent correspondents on Jon Stewart's Daily Show John Hodgman and Larry Wilmore began their improvisational joint appearance at the 2009 Miami Book Fair by airing a little dirty laundry before actor, producer and writer Larry Wilmore (In Living Color, The Office, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) gave his forthcoming book I'd Rather We Got Casinos (Hyperion; January, 2009) a plug, and former literary agent John Hodgman offered a riff on his book, More Information Than You Require (Riverhead Trade; November, 2009). After trading barbs over their respective book blurbs, Wilmore reviewed the highlights of his career which was followed by Hodgman's backstory of how he got started on the Daily Show. After a few comments on working with Jon Stewart, Wilmore grilled Hodgman on his apparent relationship with the Church Of Satan, which took quite a lot of 'splaining after Wilmore's merciless ribbing, before taking questions from the audience on the truth about fake news; John Hodgman's Little Grey Book series; what they get out of comedy; whether their sense of humor has improved with professional experience; and whether the Daily Show will ever have a Hispanic reporter. Hodgman, the current star of Apple's Mac ads mocking the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, then took a plea for help from a PC owner in the audience and offered an editorial rationale for his book's apparent chaotic organization. Wilmore and Hodgman wrapped the hilarious evening with a couple of final miscellaneous questions.

Book and Author Headlines

David Small and Byron Pitts unscramble their hardscrabble youths with A.J. Jacobs: Award-winng children's book author David Small and Byron Pitts, Chief National Correspondent and Conributing Correspondent for 60 Minutes at CBS News, join diarist A.J. Jacobs in unscrambling how their hardscrabble childhoods contributed to their success.

Clarence 'Big Man' Clemons toots his horn: The Big Man himself showcases his book, his sax, his life among the legends at BookExpo America 2009.

Nobel Laureates lead large flock of authors in annual migration to Miami, Nov 8-15: Several hundred world-class and emerging authors will flock to the 2009 Miami Book Fair International where they will read to and talk with many thousands of book lovers of all ages, Nov. 8-15.

Gail Collins traces the triumphs and defeats 'when everything changed': New York Times political op-ed columnist Gail Collins describes the evolution of an essay she wrote that grew into two volumes covering 450 years of women's history in America.

Bob Schieffer mixes poems and politics, from Nixon to Obama, and comments on his commentaries: CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer appears at the 2008 National Book Festival a few weeks before the 2008 election to promote his book 'Bob Schieffer's America' and offer commentary on the social and political landscape.

Jeannette Walls leaves 'The Glass Castle' riding her new bestseller, 'Half Broke Horse': Former USA Today celeb reporter, gossip columnist, and bestselling author of 'The Glass Castle' Jeannette Walls offers the back story for her 'true-life novel' about her gunslinging grandmother, Lily Casey Smith.

Roy Blount Jr. takes on linguistics with baby talk and homemade 'alphabet juice': Humorist Roy Blount Jr. disputes conventional linguistics with baby talk, onomatopoeia, and with a little homemade 'alphabet juice.'

Pete Dexter provides the abc's of 'Spooner': The award-winning, bestselling author of 'Paris Trout' and 'Deadwood' synopsizes his new novel 'Spooner'--alphabetically.

Craig Ferguson calls for more fart jokes in books at booksellers Sunday breakfast: The irreverent late,late night TV talk show host and screen actor Craig Ferguson brings his wild-eyed Scottish wit to Sunday breakfast to wake upseveral hundred sleepy-eyed American booksellers and promote his memoir, 'American On Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot.'

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