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Dave Barry riffs on Florida elections and lunatics in the insane city
Bestselling political thriller and non-fiction writer, TV show creator and award-winning comic book author Brad Meltzer took the stage at the 2012 Miami book Fair International to introduce Pulitzer Prize winning humorist and bestselling author Dave Barry and two editors from The Onion (stay tuned!) to introduce their new books. Barry took his turn at the microphone to dish up a classic riff on every South Florida humorists' favorite laughing matter: Florida elections and voter laws, 2000-2012. Next, Barry got serious, sort of, about Lunatics,a novel co-authored with Alan Zweibel (Berkeley; December, 2012), a wild around the world romp about two warring soccer parents who hijack a cruise ship, and away they have to read it to believe it. Barry wrapped his appearance with a review of his new solo novel, Insane City (Putnam; January, 2013) about a wedding set in Miami, described as 'The Hangover with a splash of Miami Vice' (Ft. Worth Star Telegram) before taking questions from the audience about TV and movie adaptations of his novels; the disbanding of literary rockers The Rock Bottom Remainders after the death of the group's founder, Barry's sister-in-law Kathi Kamen Goldmark; and his 1993 travel book, Dave Barry Does Japan.

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Anne Rice reviews her storied career from Lestat to Sleeping Beauty with a stopover in New Orleans: The queen of gothic fiction Anne Rice takes the stage at the 2012 New York Comic Con for a no-holds-barred interview with SiriusXM Book Radio host Kim Alexander.

Kirstie Alley bares her soul for all to read in 'The Art of Men': Award-winning actress, comedian, author, and entrepreneur Kirstie Alley lets her hair down at the 2012 BookExpo America trade show to promote her new book, 'The Art of Men.'

Lori Andrews lays down the law on the dangers of social media: Internationally-recognized lawyer Lori Andrews warns of 'the death of privacy' at the 2012 Miami book fair International.

Jon Meacham duels David Brooks over Jefferson and Hamilton political influences in American history: Pulitzer Prize winning biographer, former editor-in-chief of Newsweek, and executive editor the Random House book publishing house, Jon Meacham engages in a lively debate with New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks over the adversarial politics and personalities of America's founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

T.C. Boyle reads the whole lie and nothing but 'The Lie': Award-winning, bestselling author T.C. Boyle reads his best known short story, 'The Lie,' at the 2012 National Book Festival.

Colson Whitehead reveals a little of the zombie in all of us: Award-winning, internationally acclaimed, bestselling novelist and essayist Colson Whitehead presents his new zombie-fest novel, 'Zone One.'

Barbara Kingsolver finds the enduring qualities of novels in the rapidly changing world of books: Award-winning, widely acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver presents her new novel, 'Flight Behavior,' at the 2012 BEA.

Mario Vargas Llosa transcends culture and language in search of 'The Dream of the Celt': Winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa reviews his life, his work, and his politics at the 2012 National Book Festival.

Jo Nesbo brings Norwegian noir to U.S.A., next stop Miami Book Fair International: Norwegian rocker and author Jo Nesbo introduces noirish Detective Harry Hole to American booksellers at BEA 2012.

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