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Richard Ford travels to Goteborg, Sweden for a review of Canada
Pulitzer Prize winning, bestselling author Richard Ford traveled to Goteborg, Sweden to talk about his most recent international bestseller, Canada, now in trade paperback (HarperCollins; January, 2013) and recently translated into Swedish, at Europe's second largest book fair, the 2013 Goteborg Book Fair, with Swedish book critic and author Ingrid Elam. Beginning with the background of the novel, set in the 1960s in Great Falls, Montana, the protagonist (Dell), the novel's first sentence, and why Dell moved from Montana, U.S.A. to Saskatchewan, Canada, Ford went on to contemplate common themes of his novels and short stories, followed by an analysis of the protagonist and main characters of Canada. Reflecting on Graham Greene's comment that authors need a 'needle of ice' in their hearts, Ford revealed the literary influences on his writing, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Joseph Conrad, before turning to a discussion of the strong women characters, their empathy and understanding, in his life and his novels. Recalling his hunting trips with celebrated storyteller Raymond Carver, Ford contrasted the solitude of the Saskatchewan wilderness as a character in Canada with American author Paul Auster's interior American landscapes. Ford and Elam wrapped the interview with a discussion of the 'dactylic rhythm' and musical sound of the word Canada and his use of poetic language in his novels.

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Don DeLillo receives the first Library Of Congress Fiction Prize at the 2013 National Book Festival: Award-winning, bestselling author Don DeLillo takes the Library of Congress prize from Dr. James H. Billington and sits down to an interview with Marie Arana at the 2013 National Book Festival.

Follow your heart to the 30th annual Miami Book Fair, November 17-24: Celebrate the 30th annual Miami Book Fair International, the nation's largest and longest-running book fair featuring over 300 world-famous and emerging voices in literature, November 17-24, 2013.

Naomi Wolf weaves new science and personal experience into a 'goddess array': Bestselling author and cultural iconoclast Naomi Wolf reboots research into female sexuality with some major new updates.

Chris Hayes takes aim at Rush Limbaugh's well-financed, denialist 'alternative empirical reality': American political commentator on the MSNBC cable news network and bestselling author Chris Hayes takes down Rush Limbaugh and right wing 'denialists' in his debut at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International.

Nikky Finney goes fishing for knowledge, truth and beauty: National Book Award-winning poet and teacher Nikky Finney weaves anecdotes of the people and events of her life with readings of her poetry.

Camille Paglia calls on artists to drop their 'snark' masks and show genuine emotion: University of the Arts professor, social critic, bestselling author, and self-described 'dissident feminist' Camille Paglia throws down the gauntlet to the Miley Cyruses of the world at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International.

John Lewis marches on, 1963-2013: John Lewis, the last living man who spoke at the famous March on Washington of 1963 where Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his immortal 'I Have A Dream' speech, invokes the spirit and passion of the day.

Tom Wolfe recasts NY's Bonfire of the Vanities as Back to Blood in Miami: Bestselling fiction and non-fiction chronicler of America's best and worst Tom Wolfe captures the sociological pulse of life in Miami from hip hop music to racetrack flamingos.

Neil Young rocks the book chat with 'Godmother of Punk' Patti Smith: Super rockers Neil Young and Patti Smith compare notes on songwriting, guitars, personal backgrounds, and memoirs.

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