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Neil Young rocks the book chat with 'Godmother of Punk' Patti Smith
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer/songwriter/guitarist Neil Young and 'Godmother of Punk,' singer/songwriter and National Book Award winning author Patti Smith took the stage before a packed audience of several hundred booksellers and publishing professionals at the 2012 BookExpo America trade show to swap stories about their parallel musical careers, beginning with the origins of Neil Young's rendition of Jesus Chariot and High Flyin' Bird from Young's recently released vinyl album, Americana, and following up with Young's non-linear, intimate memoir Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream, recently released in trade paperback (Penguin Group; July, 2013). Young then paid homage to his father, Canadian journalist, sportswriter, novelist Scott Alexander Young, who nicknamed his son 'Windy'. Smith then asked Young about the inspiration for the iconic anthem of the youth culture of the Vietnam era protests, Ohio, and the song's cultural significance, followed by Young's reflections on his love of trains. Smith noted that she and Young are 'kindred spirits' in their mutual love of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Animals as well as books, humanism, and country roads. Next Young ruminated on the songwriting genius of his idols Bob Neuwirth, Bob Dylan, the mystical power of rabbit holes and guitars, cars, and dream structures as his songwriting muse. Smith and Young wrapped their conversation with a breakdown of the impact of digital technology on musical innovation, referencing the new Crazy Horse vinyl album, Americana, comparing digital and vinyl as mere information is to human experience, or, as Young put it: 'like reducing Picasso to wallpaper'.

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Neil Gaiman takes a 'very dark, peculiar' stroll to The Ocean at the End of the Lane: Bestselling young adult, graphic novel, and adult novel author Neil Gaiman tells how he took a rare turn at writing adult fiction and ended up in a 'very dark, peculiar' place--'The Ocean at the End of the Lane.'

Jeffrey Toobin makes a case for change at the U.S. Supreme Court: Lawyer, bestselling author, leading U.S. Supreme Court observer and legal analyst for CNN and The New Yorker Jeffrey Toobin sat down with fellow Harvard Law graduate and news journalist Antonio Mora at the 2012 Miam Book FairInternational to talk about past, present and future cases, politics and personalities of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jim Gaffigan offers the perfect Father's Day gift for the man who has everything: 'Dad is Fat': Stand-up comedian, actor, and now bestselling author, Jim Gaffigan gets his act together and takes it on the road to BookExpo America 2012.

J.R. Moehringer captures America's first celebrity gangster without firing a shot: Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist J.R. Moehringer does justice to America's first celebrity gangster in his first novel, 'Sutton.'

Molly Ringwald shows what happens 'When It Happens To You': Hollywood icon and first time novelist Molly Ringwald takes the stage at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International to read from and talk about her novel, When It Happens To You.

BookReport: Once Upon A Gypsy Moon by Michael Hurley: World class solo sailor Arnet Taylor and iReadNet video news editor-in-chief Kurt Aldag discuss Michael Hurley's sailing memoir, Once Upon A Gypsy Moon.

Joan Walsh reviews politics of race and class in America's past, present, and future: editor-at-large, MSNBC political analyst, and bestselling author Joan Walsh tackles the rise and fall of the white middle class in 20th century America and beyond at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International.

Walter Mosley, Jeff and Ann Vandermeer, and John Scalzi explore an alternate universe: Award-winning mystery and astrofuturist visionary author Walter Mosley explores alternative universes with sci-fi authors John Scalzi, Ann and Jeff Vandermeer at BookExpo America.

Junot Diaz 'waos' Miami with readings of 'Alma' and 'Wildwood': Award-winning author Junot Diaz took the packed audience at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International by storm with readings and extended conversations on cultural and political issues, shedding light on his artistic points of view.

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