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Kirstie Alley bares her soul for all to read in 'The Art of Men'
Hosting the 2012 annual BookExpo America Authors Breakfast featuring literary phenoms Zadie Smith, Michael Chabon, and J.R. Moehringer (stay tuned!), award-winning actress, comedian, author, and entrepreneur Kirstie Alley introduced her soul-baring memoir The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente) (Atria Books; November, 2012) with a self-deprecating admission that she preferred Doris Day movies and the TV series Bonanza over reading a book and lampooned her artfully done fake book reports in high school, whereupon she went to college and, having read only one book her whole life, majored in English Lit with unintended results. Alley wrapped her presentation with a peak behind the scenes of her otherwise glittery Hollywood life, revealing a raunchy, masochistic lifestyle that even made Courtney Love blush.

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Jon Meacham duels David Brooks over Jefferson and Hamilton political influences in American history: Pulitzer Prize winning biographer, former editor-in-chief of Newsweek, and executive editor the Random House book publishing house, Jon Meacham engages in a lively debate with New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks over the adversarial politics and personalities of America's founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

T.C. Boyle reads the whole lie and nothing but 'The Lie': Award-winning, bestselling author T.C. Boyle reads his best known short story, 'The Lie,' at the 2012 National Book Festival.

Colson Whitehead reveals a little of the zombie in all of us: Award-winning, internationally acclaimed, bestselling novelist and essayist Colson Whitehead presents his new zombie-fest novel, 'Zone One.'

Barbara Kingsolver finds the enduring qualities of novels in the rapidly changing world of books: Award-winning, widely acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver presents her new novel, 'Flight Behavior,' at the 2012 BEA.

Mario Vargas Llosa transcends culture and language in search of 'The Dream of the Celt': Winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa reviews his life, his work, and his politics at the 2012 National Book Festival.

Jo Nesbo brings Norwegian noir to U.S.A., next stop Miami Book Fair International: Norwegian rocker and author Jo Nesbo introduces noirish Detective Harry Hole to American booksellers at BEA 2012.

David Maraniss travels 60,000 miles for the true story of Barack Obama, next stop Miami Book Fair: Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post associate editor and author David Maraniss describes the times, places, and people who shaped Barack Obama's life from Hawaii to Indonesia to Kansas, LA, New York, Chicago and Harvard Law School.

Stephen Colbert challenges America to re-become 'the greatness we never weren't' again: The host of Comedy Central's satirical news show The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert returns to BookExpo America for a stimulating discussion of his latest tomes, 'I Am A Pole' and 'America Again.'

Michael Moore traces his iconoclastic career to a bag of potato chips: Academy Award-winning liberal filmmaker, author, social critic, and activist Michael Moore reviews his personal triumphs and defeats going back to his teenage search for a bag of potato chips that led to a phone call from iconic CBS News anchor Walter Kronkite.

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