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Taylor Branch connects the dots between civil rights and democracy in The King Years
Introduced at the 2013 National Book Festival by PBS Newshour's Emmy Award-winning National Affairs senior producer and arts correspondentJeffrey Brown, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Taylor Branch introduced his new book, The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement(Simon & Schuster; August, 2013), a compendium of eighteen events culled from the monumental The King Years trilogy, which included the prize-winner, Parting the Waters, followed by Pillar of Fire and At Canaan's Edge. Branch pointed to the 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, sit-ins and protests by thousands of school-age, African-American children, who were assaulted by local police with tear gas, attack dogs, and fire hoses and then arrested, as the inspiration for a worldwide civil rights movement and the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964. Branch then traced the beginning of modern racial politics with speeches laced with racially-charged, so-called dog whistles, like 'big government' interfering in 'state's rights,' to Alabama Governor George Wallace's 1964 campaign for U.S. President. Branch wrapped his presentation by connecting the dots between civil rights and democracy before taking questions from the audience on the difference between past and present racial attitudes in the U.S.; public discourse on race during the Martin Luther King era; the impact of J. Edgar Hoover's FBI suppression of public discourse on race issues; the need for dialogue and learning history as pathways to diminishing racism; and the significance of Martin Luther King Day.

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James McBride opens new doors to John Brown and Harpers Ferry with fiction: National Book Award-winning author James McBride talks about and reads from his latest acclaimed novel, The Good Lord Bird, at the 2013 National Book Festival.

Joyce Carol Oates celebrates the 40th novel in her 50-year writing career at the National Book Fest: One of America's most prolific and widely acclaimed, award-winning authors, Joyce Carol Oates takes the stage at the 2013 National Book Festival to review her long-running career of 50 years and 40 novels at the 2013 National Book Festival.

Sofi Oksanen measures the effects of war and fascism with stockings and a 'lipstick index': Finland's global literary rock star Sofi Oksanen, award-winning author of 'Purge,' takes the stage at the 2013 Goteborg Book Fair to review her writing career and newest bestseller 'When the Doves Disappeared' with Iranian-born Swedish author and book critic Athena Farrokhzad.

Richard Ford travels to Goteborg, Sweden for a review of Canada: Pulitzer Prize winning, bestselling author shares his literary themes, characters, landscapes, and use of language in his most recent novel, Canada, in an interview with Swedish author, book crtic Ingrid Elam at the 2013 Goteborg Book Fair.

Don DeLillo receives the first Library Of Congress Fiction Prize at the 2013 National Book Festival: Award-winning, bestselling author Don DeLillo takes the Library of Congress prize from Dr. James H. Billington and sits down to an interview with Marie Arana at the 2013 National Book Festival.

Follow your heart to the 30th annual Miami Book Fair, November 17-24: Celebrate the 30th annual Miami Book Fair International, the nation's largest and longest-running book fair featuring over 300 world-famous and emerging voices in literature, November 17-24, 2013.

Naomi Wolf weaves new science and personal experience into a 'goddess array': Bestselling author and cultural iconoclast Naomi Wolf reboots research into female sexuality with some major new updates.

Chris Hayes takes aim at Rush Limbaugh's well-financed, denialist 'alternative empirical reality': American political commentator on the MSNBC cable news network and bestselling author Chris Hayes takes down Rush Limbaugh and right wing 'denialists' in his debut at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International.

Nikky Finney goes fishing for knowledge, truth and beauty: National Book Award-winning poet and teacher Nikky Finney weaves anecdotes of the people and events of her life with readings of her poetry.

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